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ALLIGATOR TPMS Service Kits Application Chart

TPMS Coverage ServiceKits tumbnail
TPMS Service Kit 37 ALLIGATOR TPMS Service Kits include all components required for the professional service of wheels and tires equipped with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems). The packs are identified by “Make, Model & Year“. They contain all necessary components.

 ALLIGATOR TPMS Service Kits Application Chart

ALLIGATOR recommends exchanging the cap nut, valve core, grommet seal, spacer ring, the torx screw as well as the rubber valve during tire service. Should the information provided be unclear, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.




Werkzeugtasche 6The TPMS Tool kit was specially put together to provide all the mechanical tools needed to install tire pressure sensors on valves and rims.

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  Correct storage of valves – maximum permissible age


Flyer Alterung von VentilenThis question played an important role at the last valve seminar, too.

All the specialists in the industry know that tires are subject to a certain ageing process and accordingly, use-by dates apply; that rubber valves also age and therefore should not be fitted after a certain period of time is, however, not always known.


Find more details on the ageing of rubber valves and, above all,
with regard to the storage of these safety parts, here.



Unbenannt 1Gummi-Reifen-Ventile nicht überlagern!  (german)

Quelle: BRV Trends & Facts, Ausgabe 04/09


   Safe and reliable: ALLIGATOR Two-Wheelers


447500 1
Also new in the ALLIGATOR programme are high-quality, black-anodized, angled valves for 8.3 and 11.3 mm rim holes. 


You will find more details on our complete range of valves for scooters,
two-wheelers and motorbikes here.



a special touch for special wheels





ALLIGATOR Logo-Caps, the elegant valve caps for special vehicles
and top-quality rims

Take advantage of this first-class design element – for your make of car or motorbike, for your customers with particularly top-quality wheels, or simply as a little reward for your clients.

Flyer Logo-Caps







  Black and titanium grey metal valves from ALLIGATOR



Black  and titanium grey rims are the current trend.
We have the valves to match.
Felge 2 K



  • Simple mounting and demounting
    top nut fits over the valve cap
  • Aluminium valve cap with seal ensures 100% air tightness
  • Also reliable for fast vehicles (over 210 km/h)
  • Valve made of light metal (aluminium)  --> light weight


Flyer 43LMS-BLACK  and titanium grey


 ALLIGATOR Tire inflator

 For bicycle valves (Dunlop, Sclaverand, Schrader) as well as automobile valves


Reifenfueller FahrradAdvantages:

  • Revolving connection, valve can be filled in every position
  • For bicycle valves (Dunlop, Sclaverand, Schrader) as well as automobile valves 
  • Sturdy, shock-proof, synthetic housing
  • Reading of display on pressure gauge ensured, wherever valve is positioned





A valve especially for commercial vehicles and mobile homes

Ease of assembly and disassembly without using a special tool     


In day-to-day operation, commercial vehicles and mobile homes are exposed to
considerable demands. Reason enough for ALLIGATOR to develop a new tire valve
specially for this application.

When we were developing the ALLIGATOR CVV, pressure capacity, excellent sealing,
and ease of assembly and disassembly were our top priorities.

ALLIGATOR CVV - A valve especially for commercial vehicles, delivery vans and mobile homes



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An overview of the advantages:

  • Simple to mount by hand
  • Reliable sealing in the rim
  • Simple to insert 
  • Easily removed without special tools
  • No rim damage during disassembly
  • High pressure capacity
  • Fits almost every rim
Mounting information



  NEW - ALLIGATOR mounting tool – Standard and OE

A safe and efficient way of mounting Snap-In valves in original equipment and at tire service stations.


Tire valves are safety components. Although they cost only very little,
a lot depends on them. Error-free mounting is a basic requirement
for the safe functioning of the Snap-In valves.

The correct tools are necessary if a valve is to be mounted faultlessly.




One for all


ALLIGATOR, the inventor of the millionfold, tried and tested Express Valve, is once again turning the wheels of bicycle history.
The Swabian concern, rich in tradition, has developed a new valve, which fits all bicycles - racing bikes and mountain bikes, too:

In short: one valve for all types of bicycle !


Professional article Press release


Valve caps

an important safety element

A tire valve, millionfold in use, and mostly completely unnoticed, is an important safety element in every vehicle. A good valve cap with a built-in rubber seal is a basic requirement for the long-lasting function of a valve and fulfills several functions at once.



ALLIGATOR Double Seal Valve Cap V2B

The valve cap that saves money
kostensparende Ventilkappe

The regular checking of tire pressure is especially for trucks
and commercial vehicles an absolute must:

* Increased tire life.
* Lower fuel consumption.
* Safety for driver and vehicle

0,6 bar less tire pressure increases the fuel consumtion by 3 %
and 30 % less tire pressure halves the life of the tire.

A good valve cap can prevent gradual loss
of air and so helps to save real money.



Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems - TPMS

Mechanical Design Aspects for Wheel Sensors – an Overview
refendruck kontrollsystem

For over 15 years, industry has been working on the development of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) that can measure operating tire pressurewhile driving and warn the driver in the event of under-inflation or pressure loss.




The Universal valve for transporters and vehicles with high requirements


The greater motor capacity and braking power in cars and transporters cause higher operational temperatures for thetire valves. Safety-conscious drivers attach importance to a tire valve with high safety reserves. The new Universal valve ALLIGATOR 40 MS-ASC-HT provides reliability at increased pressures and temperatures and, at the same time, helps to save costs with its optimized assembly construction.



Series of posters for tire shops

Choice of valve and valve mounting


The correct mounting of the tire valve is the basic requirement for itstrouble-free operation. Here, there are many things to consider: commencing with the correct choice of valve, which depends on the predominant operational conditions, through inspection of the rim before mounting, culminating in the correct mounting tools. ALLIGATOR has developed this series of posters to instruct not only the employees in tire shops but also all those who are involved with tire valves in any way.

Valve change - what for?
Mounting information for tire valves
ALLIGATOR metal valves


Green valve caps

... for nitrogen-filled tires

Bunte ventilkappe

Filling tires with nitrogen is becoming more and more popular. As a rule, green valve caps are used by way of identification. In addition to this green version, ALLIGATOR also provides valve caps in red, yellow and blue. Other colours are available on request.



ALLIGATOR Hidden Valve

- the invisible valve for Design Freaks
Hidden Valve

These valves blend in inconspicuously with top-quality designer rims and so improve the optics of the wheel. At the same time, the disguised model effectively prevents mechanical damage and sabotage. It goes without saying that it is all in tried and tested ALLIGATOR quality.



Tire Pressure Monitoring Sytems (TPMS)

- State-of-the-art
reifendruckberwachung tpms

Together with ALLIGATOR as valve manufacturer, the automobile industry has been working on the development of active systems for tire pressure monitoring for over 15 years.
This article gives a review of the technology at present available, and reflects 15 years of experience in develop- ment and mechanical construction.



ALLIGATOR Asia Pacific

- new ALLIGATOR Office in Seoul, Korea

ALLIGATOR has opened a consulting and marketing office in Seoul in order to be able to advise and take care of its customers in Asia better. Concerning valves, our Asian customers can get the whole range of products with the brand names ALLIGATOR, EHA and STOMIL here, in addition to receiving qualified advisory services.



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