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Tire Pressure Monitoring System Mounting Instructions

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TPMS Assembly

Bild 1 
Screw the wheel electronic unit on to the valve as far as the screw pink glue and insert the valve into the valve hole.
Bild 2 Next put on the spacer ring and then screw on the collar nut.
Insert the installation pin into the radial boring in the valve and tighten the collar nut with a torque of 3.5 Nm (± 0.5).     Do not forget to remove the installation pin immediately afterwards.
Press the wheel electronic unit lightly into the deep well of the rim and secure the self-locking (Torx) mounting screw with a torque of 3.5 Nm (± 0.5).
The supports of the wheel electronic unit are now flat in the deep well of the rim.
  Mounting the tire   
First clean the rim and apply mounting paste to the hump area of the rim.  Also apply mounting paste to both beads of the tire, inside and out.
Secure the rim on to the installation machine ( make sure that the installation head is opposite the valve, i.e. at 180° to the valve.)
Partially slip the lower tire bead over the rim lip so that the space between the valve/sensor and the traction point is not less than 4 inch.

Adjust the installation head on the rim lip and pull the lower tire bead onto the rim.

CAUTION: Ensure that the tire bead is not pressed against the wheel electronic unit when mounting the tire!

Now pull the upper tire bead onto the rim.

Here, too, make sure that the installation head is opposite the valve (at 180°)
Remove the complete wheel from the installation machine and gradually increase the tire pressure, without the valve core, to a maximum of 3 bar.     
(Spring pressure – until the tire beads slide evenly over the safety shoulders)
Screw in the valve core and inflate the tire with the required air pressure.
Put on the valve caps and balance the wheel.

  Valve Types   

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Valve Length


L = 43 mm

L = 48 mm

L = 49 mm

L = 51mm

Color Indification












Valve hole diameter L1 = 11,3 mm (+ 0,4mm)


ATTENTION:Detailed information about suitable vehicles is to be taken from the product information or from the tire´s technical    data/ABE.


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