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New: ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL fits all types of bicycles 

The ALLIGATOR Ventilfabrik, Giengen/Brenz have developed their time-tested Express Valve further and presented an all-purpose bicycle valve to the experts at the IFMA Cologne. The ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL fits all types of bicycle! And with it, the company puts an end to the confusion over which valve type to use for which bicycle. Consequently, bicycle manufacturers and dealers can reduce their storekeeping, simplify their logistics and so reduce their expenses. And for cyclists, the confusing variety no longer applies. No matter whether racing cyclist, mountain biker or trekking cyclist – they can all place their trust in a single, easy-to-use, reliable system: the ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL.  

Since 1930 the ALLIGATOR Ventilfabrik has had the ALLIGATOR Express Valve on the market. It became well-known throughout the world and popular with cyclists all over the globe under the meaningful, and, at that time, protected term “Easy Pump”. Throughout the continuous development of the Express Valve, the company has always kept its own quality principles in mind, namely “user-friendly”, “reliably tight” and “durable”, and has set market standards globally over the decades.  

The ALLIGATOR Ventilfabrik continues determined along this path: it is using the trusted construction principles of the Express Valve to put an end to the valve type muddle prevailing in the bicycle market. The technical refinements of the product innovation lie in an additional safety stop on the inside of the valve stem, together with a multi-stage seal concept, on which commercial properly rights have been applied for. These sophisticated features makes the ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL suitable for almost all valve bases in diverse tubes and withstands, without any problem, the pressure of 8 bar usual in cycle racing equipment. Up to now, only the Sclaverand valve was suitable for these high pressures, and it is sensitive and difficult to manage.    

The advantages of the ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL are diverse:    

One valve for all valve stems
The new ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL has been developed and tested on the valve base geometry of all three common valves: Schrader, Sclaverand and Express valve (also known on the market as car, French and Dunlop valves). This offers manufacturers, dealers and cyclists numerous advantages.    

Manufacturers and dealers can reduce their logistic expenses
Bicycle manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers can simplify their logistics and in the future need use only one single valve base or tube type for all bicycles. They also need to have only one valve core in stock for replacements.    

End-users always make the correct choice
No matter which tube or rim system they have, cyclists can always be sure when they buy the ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL that it will fit and that they will have the correct spare part with them on their cycling tour.  

A match for the pressure in cycle racing
Extensive tests in the laboratory and in practice have proved: the ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL can handle the filling pressure of 8 bar normal in racing bikes. The bursting pressure lies considerably over 25 bar.  

Double safety Point no. 1: the two-step cone seal
Similar to the Standard Express Valve, a free-moving seal, made of a special Elastomer seals the air channel in the valve. An additional safety block on the inside of the valve core prevents the seal from “shooting out” at high pressure.    

Double safety Point no. 2: the double-seal concept against escaping air
To effectively prevent the leakage of air escaping between the valve stem and valve core, the ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL is fitted with a two-step seal concept for twice the safety. Even in a defective or non-standard valve base, at least one seal is reliably tight.    

Easy to insert and remove
In addition to its technical highlights, the product innovation also has the same advantages as the tried and tested ALLIGATOR Express Valve. Among these are the easy insertion and removal without special tools: this applies equally to the insertion in mass production and to the changing of a valve on a day trip up country.  

Inflation is child’s play
Anyone who has ever pumped up a bicycle tire with an ALLIGATOR Express Valve will be able to confirm that, in contrast to other systems on the market, neither particular strength, nor special pump techniques are necessary. And the ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL is no different. The classic bicycle pump, the stand pump at home or the mini pump for en route – all can be used to fill the tire easily. With an adaptor, it is even possible to comfortably fill up the tire at the service station.

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